Free movement in the Nordics: A true story of jobs, commuting – and dark numbers

Nordic Mobility Webinar – den 25 februari kl. 13.00.

Join us for the launch of the Nordic Mobility Report, to dissect driving forces and obstacles for mobility in the Nordic Region.

For the first time ever, cross-border statistics for all Nordic countries has been produced, shedding new light on mobility across borders in the Nordic countries.

How far are we from being the most integrated region in the world, one of the main goals of Nordic Cooperation? And how much do we know about the movements of people within the Nordic Region?

Correct statistics is a prerequisite for solid policy development, so join us in a discussion of statistics cooperation in the Nordics and a look at current mobility patterns.

The event is hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Statistics Finland; the project was initiated by the Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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